VIDEO: What’s the best thing about the Twelfth... and the worst? Belfast parade supporters have their say!

During the pause in the Belfast parade today, and shortly after it finished, the News Letter decided to pose two linked questions to the men and women on the street:

By Adam Kula
Tuesday, 12th July 2022, 5:24 pm

What’s your favourite thing about the Twelfth... and your least favourite?

The interviewees are:

Scott Brownlee, 66, and of Partick Protestant Boys;

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Scott Brownlee, Diane Caddell, Andrew Caddell

Diane Caddell (53);

Her husband Mr Andrew Caddell (54) of Woodvale in north-west Belfast;

Catherine Lavery, 59, and of Newtownards;

And Jane Cook, 50, visiting alongside friends from Liverpool.

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