Police tackle Halloween horror

Police were out in force in the Ratheen area of Cookstown on Halloween night in a bid to tackle the ‘unacceptable behaviour’ seen from some individuals in previous years.

Friday, 1st November 2019, 11:03 am

During the evening a number of fireworks were seized and people ‘dealt with for possession’.

Posting a warning of their operation the day before Halloween, PSNI Cookstown said: “Previous years have seen unacceptable behaviour from individuals using fireworks to make life an absolute misery for those living in the area as well as terrifying young children and family pets.

“We have spoken with many living in Ratheen as well as community reps and councillors and the message from you is very clear, you want a zero tolerance approach to such behaviour.

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“This year we will have extra crews and patrols in the area, on foot as well as vehicles.

“But for this to work its requires a team effort from everyone.

“Parents, if your kid is running about causing havoc with fireworks and/or aiming fireworks at property or individuals (including ourselves), they will be lifted and you’ll be required to attend the station. If your cunning plan for the evening is to drop your kid at the entrance to Ratheen and head home for a quiet night - don’t bother.

“If you aren’t from Ratheen and you’re intent on going there ‘cause your mate told you told you it’s a great free for all. Don’t waste your time, won’t seem such a good idea when you’re sitting in cuffs in the back of a cop car.

“Halloween is always one of our busiest nights of the year for obvious reasons. For all of us that are working and living in Ratheen tomorrow night let’s make sure we work together and aim to make it one of the quietest.”

In later updates police said: “Seems one or two have arrived in Ratheen only to be gutted at the sea of Police hi-vis coats.

“We’re carrying out stop and search where required and have recovered plenty of illegal fireworks. Individuals have been dealt with for possession.

“As we’ve already said, we’re here all night. Some crews are out on foot others are in cars.

“If you’re having any issues give us a call.”