Shameful celebration of terror

A letter from Thomas Smyth

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Monday, 1st August 2022, 12:24 pm
Letters to Editor
Letters to Editor

Heartbreaking. Truly heartbreaking. I refer to the deeply moving accounts given by victims and survivors of the IRA atrocities that have become known as Bloody Friday and the Claudy bombings (as published by the News Letter in recent weeks).

Their reflections serve as an important reminder of the indelible pain, impact and injustice inflicted on innocent citizens by those who so enthusiastically and unapologetically used terrorism to impose their political ideology on local communities and society at large.

For those who planned, prepared, planted and detonated the bombs the resultant carnage clearly accorded with their intent, for, to date, not a single perpetrator has come forward to admit their guilt and express remorse for their part in ending and destroying so many innocent lives. No troubled consciences seeking forgiveness it seems.

Furthermore, instead of being ostracised and rejected as mass murderers and human-rights abusers, IRA bombers continue to be publicly venerated and eulogised by Sinn Fein leaders.

The unwavering support provided by SF helps explain the disgraceful phenomena of young members of the nationalist community chanting their support for the IRA at an increasing number of sporting, music and cultural events.

One can only imagine the hurt and bewilderment felt by victims and survivors witnessing a whole new generation actively celebrating the illegal terrorist organisation that deprived them and their loved ones of their fundamental basic human-rights. Shameful, utterly shameful.

Politicians contemplating giving their support to the installation of a SF first minister for Northern Ireland, should examine their own conscience and think through the moral and societal consequences of doing so while SF continues to celebrate IRA bombers.

Thomas Smyth,

Belfast BT4