Loyalist group ‘Let’s Talk Loyalism’ to host meetings on NI protocol

A newly formed loyalist group is set to hold meetings on the NI protocol.

Sunday, 30th May 2021, 5:39 pm

Speakers have been confirmed for one meeting as TUV leader Jim Allister, Unionist Voice editor Jamie Bryson and Baroness Kate Hoey.

That meeting will be held on June 3 at 7.30pm.

Moore Holmes from Let’s Talk Loyalism said: “Let’s Talk Loyalism is excited to host two online live panel discussions on the Northern Ireland protocol.

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“The first event takes place on June 3 and is called ‘Problems with the Protocol’.

“Our panelists include Baroness Kate Hoey, MLA Jim Allister QC and unionist Voice editor Jamie Bryson.

“The purpose of the event is to create a conversation that informs people of the catastrophic nature of the implications of the Protocol, not just for unionism but for wider Northern Ireland.”

He added that the second event will happen on June 14 at 7pm and is called ‘Alternatives to the Protocol’.

“The purpose of this event is to challenge two false perceptions which have dominated Brexit discussion in Northern Ireland since 2019,” added Moore.

“First there are no credible alternatives to the protocol and second the protocol was the inevitable outcome to Brexit.

“Both false but popular presumptions will be robustly challenged in the panel discussion by panellists with expertise in this field.

“You an watch both panel discussions free and live on Let’s Talk Loyalism Facebook page, Twitter account and YouTube channel.”