All the results from the centenary KDM Hire Cookstown 100

A round-up of the results from Saturday's centenary KDM Hire Cookstown 100 in Co Tyrone, which was the first Irish national road race of 2022.

KDM Hire Cookstown 100 Superbike

1 M Sweeney (BMW) 7m 13.341s; 2 T Maxwell (Kawasaki) +3.146s; 3 R Charlton (Yamaha) +5.232s; 4 G Kennedy (BMW) +9.330s; 5 D Herbertson (Kawasaki 600) +23.040s; 6 S Johnson (Suzuki) +25.402s. Fastest lap: Sweeney 1m 25.102s (88.835mph).

Open Superbike

Adam McLean (McAdoo Kawasaki) leads eventual winner Michael Sweeney (MJR BMW) in the first Superbike race at the Cookstown 100.

1 M Sweeney (BMW) 8m 33.270s; 2 A McLean (Kawasaki) +3.544s; 3 T Maxwell (Kawasaki) +10.926s; 4 R Charlton (Yamaha) +17.044s; 5 D Herbertson (Kawasaki 600) +17.218s; 6 G Kennedy (BMW) 26.890s. Fastest lap: Sweeney 1m 24.221s (89.764mph).


1 A McLean (Kawasaki) 8m 35.801s; 2 M Browne (Yamaha) +6.001s; 3 P Jordan (Yamaha) +10.931s; 4 M Sweeney (Yamaha) +15.297s; 5D Herbertson (Kawasaki) +16.437s; 6 D Tweed (Honda) +27.432s. Fastest lap: McLean 1m 24.724s (89.231mph).


1 M Sweeney (Kawasaki) 7m 38.885s; 2 D Herbertson (Kawasaki) +4.806s; 3 P Williams (Kawasaki) +9.114s; 4 M Rees (Kawasaki) +15.194s. Fastest lap: Sweeney 1m 29.459s (84.508mph).


1 M Browne (Honda M3) 14m 43.412s; 2 E O’Siochru (Honda M3) +21.308s; 3 N Moore (Honda 125) +42.170s; 4 G Arnold (Honda 125) +1m 29.242s. Fastest lap: Browne 1m 36.920s (78.002mph).

Supersport 300

1 B Davidson (Kawasaki) 15m 50.190s; 2 D Tweed (Kawasaki) +0.920s; 3 S Moody (Kawasaki) +5.218s; 4 RJ Woolsey (Kawasaki) +1 lap. New lap record: Tweed 1m 43.17s (73.275mph).

Lightweight Supersport

1 K Duncan (Kawasaki) 14m 30.351s; 2 D Howard (Kawasaki) +29.406s; 3 A Johnston (Kawasaki) +29.849s; 4 D Ingham (Honda) +30.281s; 5 C Meyer (Honda 250) +38.692s; 6 G Arnold (Yamaha 250) +38.762s. Fastest lap: Duncan 1m 35.403s (79.243mph).

Senior Support

1 J Oliver (Kawasaki) 13m 47.869s; 2 K Ryan (Kawasaki) +0.241s; 3 M Gahan (Yamaha) +2.992s; 4 M Gillan (Suzuki) +5.511s. Fastest lap: Gahan 1m 30.205s (83.809mph).

Junior Support

1 E O’Siochru (Kawasaki) 14m 05.202s; 2 M Gillan (Suzuki) +3.012s; 3 D Ingham (Aprilia) +17.875s; 4 J Bellars-Smith (KTM) +22.239s. Fastest lap: Gillan 1m 32.425s (81.796mph).

Open Superbike B

1 D Anderson (Kawasaki); 10m 50.010s; 2 M Dokoupil (Yamaha) +0.212s; 3 P Gartland (Kawasaki) +3.538s; 4 M Rees (Kawasaki) +3.995s; 5 L Chawke (Kawasaki) +4.262s; 6 T Shann (Triumph) +4.590s. Fastest lap: Dokoupil 1m 30.312s (83.710mph).

Senior Classic (1000cc)

1 A Hornby (Triumph 750) 13m 31.397s; 2 R Ford (Norton 920) +21.765s; 3 A Kildea (Honda 750) +55.148s; 4 P Shaw (Yamaha 750) +1 lap. New lap record: A Hornby 1m 38.605s (76.670mph).

Senior Classic (500cc)

1 J Leigh Pemberton (Manx Norton 499) 14m 11.955s; 2 M Parrett (Manx Norton 500) +15.140s; 3 A Ambler (Drixton Honda 500) +15.226s; 4 W Brown (Manx Norton 499) +15.356s. Fastest lap: J Leigh Pemberton 1m 44.710s (72.199mph).

Junior Classic

1 B Davidson (Honda 350) 12m 35.205s; 2 A Hornby (Honda 350) +7.544s; 3 J Leigh Pemberton (Honda 350) +7.848s; 4 N Moore (Honda 350) +8.838s. Fastest lap: Davidson 1m 46.454s (71.017mph).