Tommy Fleming ‘can’t wait’ to get back on stage for his 2022 tour

Fans of Irish singing sensation Tommy Fleming will be delighted to hear that he is back on the road again next year to mark an amazing 30 years in the music business.

Thursday, 9th December 2021, 1:55 pm
Tommy Fleming

Kicking things off at the Ulster Hall in Belfast on February 20, Tommy will be bringing his show to the Millennium Forum in Londonderry on February 25, Mellon Country Inn in Omagh on February 26, and the Armagh City Hotel in Armagh on February 27.

Tommy grew up surrounded by music and when he was a teenager he started paying his dues on the pub circuit before catching his big break with music maestro Phil Coulter.

“I was from a musical family and, to sound clichéd, it was my first love,” explained Tommy.

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Music was never a career path really. When I was at school I wanted to go into the medical field but as I got into my teenage years I started doing gigs and that gave me a taste for performing.

“When I got my first introduction to the big stage with Phil Coulter I never looked back. I have no regrets whatsoever.”

Tommy’s career path hasn’t always been smooth and there have been a few major bumps in the road, including a horrific road accident, the loss of both of his parents on the same day and the impact of the recent Covid pandemic on the entertainment industry.

“The accident was definitely a curve ball,” admitted Tommy, as he looked back on the night in 1998 when his car ploughed into a tree.

“To be told I may never walk again was a difficult one but I came through it.

“I learned how to separate the wheat from the chaff, to know what was important to me and not waste time on small stuff or holding onto anger.

“If you hold onto anger and resentment you end up very bitter.”

Music has always been a form of therapy for Tommy, and never more so than when he lost both of his parents on the same day.

“I threw myself into recording an album,” he revealed.

“It was very sad, all about loss and I still can’t listen to that album.

“Music has been my therapy all my life and I hope people benefit from listening to it.

“Creating music is my therapy and I hope listening to it is other people’s therapy.”

Tommy has always been determined to succeed in his career and when the pandemic it last year, he used that determination to reach out to his fans.

When theatres and venues had to close their doors as Covid swept the country 18 months ago, Tommy took the opportunity to develop some new skills and, rather than shying away from technology he finally embraced the world of social media and brought his music to fans online across the globe.

Starting off with ‘Jeep Tunes’, performed as he travelled the highways and byways close to home, Tommy then got to grips with video editing and streaming from his garage to create ‘Tavern Tunes’, inviting his fans into his home every Saturday night for a popular live stream show.

All in all Tommy connected with a staggering 3.5 million viewers during these quirky innovative ventures.

Tommy, his band and string section then went on to record several live stream shows from the renowned Bord Gáis Theatre and Glor Ennis.

“It started off very simply and then at one point I had half a million views,” continued Tommy. “I had all the equipment at home but didn’t know how to use it. I was completely technically illiterate but I was forced into using it. At one stage I was screaming at it but I eventually figured it out.”

Embracing technology and social media turned out to be something positive that came out of the pandemic for Tommy but, nevertheless, he is thrilled to be getting back on the stage again.

“I can’t wait to get back.” he admitted. “I am looking forward to it but I am slightly worried about it as well, will it be as good as it was?”

Thanking his many fans for their support over the last three decades, Tommy said: “Thanks to everyone, especially fans in the north of Ireland, for the support they have given over the last 30 years.”

As well as looking forward to being back on the live stage, Tommy is also realising an album looking back on his phenomenal career.

Compiled by Tommy and TF Productions this album visits the past, delves into the future and reacquaints listeners with many firm favourites. It also features a new release, co-written by Tommy himself with his musical director Conal Early.

Even though the new release looks back on his 30 year career, Tommy is quick reassure fans that he isn’t hanging up his microphone just yet.

“I have still got more to come,” he promised. “I thought I might pull back a bit when I turned 50. I turned 50 in May but I don’t think retirement suits me.”

Tickets are on sale now at