Twelfth of July: GB News coverage of Orange celebrations was its top rated show – ‘and it beat Sky News in same slot by over 20,000 viewers’

GB News’ coverage of the Twelfth of July celebration in Northern Ireland was the highest-rated broadcast of the day for the UK-wide channel.

By Adam Kula
Wednesday, 13th July 2022, 1:15 pm
Updated Wednesday, 13th July 2022, 5:28 pm

The network, which was only launched last year (and is on TV channel 236, Freeview), announced it was providing blanket coverage of the Twelfth after the BBC ditched its live coverage of the event.

This meant that GB News joined the News Letter in covering the event extensively, as it happened.

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Charlie Lawson, Arlene Foster, and the GB News logo

For example, see our reporter get literally in the middle of the parade with this, the full footage of every band and every lodge in the Belfast parade (shot outside the BBC’s Belfast HQ).

Among those appearing on GB News’ coverage was Coronation Street actor Charlie Lawson, and former First Minister Arlene Foster.

Asked what its ratings were like, a GB News spokeswoman said: “Our live coverage of the Twelfth was our highest-rating programme yesterday.

“We peaked between 11.30am and 11.45, when we had 98,300 viewers.

“In the same time slot (11.30-11.45), TalkTV had 7,100 viewers, Sky News 76,500, and BBC News 115,900.

“The average viewers across the hour were 78,300 for us; 4,400 for TalkTV; 59,900 for Sky News, and 124,900 for BBC News.”

These are figures that stem from the Broadcasters’ Audience Research Board, and appear to largely represent TV viewers; for instance, the figures do not include viewers / listeners on YouTube, radio, or the GB News website.

The reference to BBC News means the TV channel of that name (231 on Freeview).

In addition, the channel told the News Letter: “Our mission at GB News is to focus on people throughout the UK who feel that their voices and stories are not heard enough in other media.

Northern Ireland really matters to us at GB News so we were delighted to have been able to step in and provide live coverage of parts of the Armagh parade.

“We’ve been overwhelmed with positive messages and support from viewers, so we regard this as a huge success.

“Many commented that they found it a refreshing and uplifting break from Westminster politics today. We will certainly consider covering the parade again in future.

“In terms of logistics, we hired several local camera crews to record the event, in addition to a sending a producer, production coordinator, and two broadcast engineers from our studios in London.

“We are incredibly grateful to The Orange Order for their help in finding and securing the best locations for our coverage.”

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