'˜Bad Santa' falls foul of police

Craigavon police were doing a little destuffing on Christmas Day - with a drugs find in a not so pleasant place.

They were called to a domestic incident which led to the discovery of suspected drugs secreted on a suspect.

Speaking on Boxing Day a spokesman said: “Sadly, domestic abuse is a regular feature of our Christmas days on duty.

“Yesterday was no exception, as we were called to remove an aggressive male from a family home.

“It turns out though that this guy wasn’t only causing a disturbance, but doing a bad Santa impression too.

“Maybe he got ‘sack’ and ‘crack’ mixed up when he was wondering where to keep things? Who knows, but this little lot was recovered anyway. Gross. Well done to A section officers who spent their Christmas day wearing rubber gloves.

“If you’re going to bring yourself under notice for other offence, it’s always best to ditch your drugs first.”