Queen’s Jubilee: WATCH – Major error as BBC Platinum Party at the Palace concert displays Irish tricolour to represent Northern Ireland

A major faux pas has occurred in the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations, which were staged at Buckingham Palace and broadcast last night.

By Adam Kula
Sunday, 5th June 2022, 11:48 am
Updated Monday, 6th June 2022, 1:30 pm

The Platinum Party at the Palace was a massive jamboree of dance, song, and spectacle, all tightly choreographed and broadcast from 8pm to 11pm on BBC1.

But despite the intensive planning, some of the organisers displayed the Republic of Ireland flag to represent Northern Ireland.

During the performances, at roughly one hour, 47 minutes, a video montage about the UK’s sporting prowess plays as a poem is read.

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The Irish flag outside Buckingham Palace

In quick-cut shots lasting a mere second or so, it shows St George’s flags symbolising England, then the three lions of the England football squad.

Next it shows a red dragon emblem representing Wales.

Then it shows a lady waving an Irish tricolour, before cutting to a man bearing a Scottish saltire flag.

At time of writing the News Letter appears to be the only news organisation aware of the issue.

Part of the montage of national sporting achievements, during which the Irish flag was mistakenly shown

While all this is happenning, the following rap is delivered:

“From Andy to Emma, the best tennis skills,

“We mix disciplines like we’re Jess Ennis-Hill,

“I guess when it’s real is the day we win trophies,

Image one representing England...

“So we can wail ‘til our throats are all croaky,

“But see those three lions, you know what they do to me,

“I see them standing for strength, love, and unity,

“Same with the red dragon, shamrock, and thistle,

Image two representing England...

“White, black, and brown we unite at the whistle...”

It comes just after one of the biggest events in living memory in Northern Ireland took place – the massed parade of bands to mark the Northern Irish centenary.

It also comes amid feelings of unionist disaffection over their place in the UK due to the Protocol, and amid a controversy about Northern Irish athletes being classed as Irish– rendering them unable to compete for the Province in the upcoming Commonwealth Games.

The BBC has been contacted for comment.


The BBC has now acknowledged the error, apologised for it, and pledged to edit it out – SEE HERE

The symbol chosen to represent Wales

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...and the one representing Scotland in the montage