Twelfth of July: WATCH Northern Ireland football flag and Union flag burned on the Falls Road to shout of ‘up the Ra’

Images have been widely circulated online of two men setting a Union flag and an IFA flag on fire.

By Adam Kula
Wednesday, 13th July 2022, 12:57 pm
Updated Wednesday, 13th July 2022, 2:31 pm

The footage was posted online on July 11, but has come to wider public attention after users subsequently publicised it on Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit (though the News Letter obviously can’t be certain about the exact date the video was recorded).

It comes amid intense public interest in the torching of flags, with widespread condemnation of loyalists burning Irish tricolours and other perceived nationalist emblems on Eleventh Night bonfires.

The footage is shot at the junction of Broadway and Falls Road, directly outside a bar called An Diabhal Dearg (the red devil).

Images of the flags being torched

On the audio of the scene, a shout of “ooh ahh up the Ra” can be heard from somewhere as well as what sounds like “f**k the huns”.

The two men standing outside the pub door (and filmed by someone standing behind them in the doorway) are wearing, respectively, a top honouring the 1916 rebels, and what appears to be some kind of Celtic / republican hybrid shirt, with orange, white and green and barbed wire emblems on the sleeves.

There’s no suggestion the pub itself knew about or backed their actions.

The News Letter tried calling the pub, but the number listed on Yelp is dead, and no-one answered the number listed on the pub’s Facebook page.

The discussion thread on Reddit

The Facebook page appears to be inactive, but a message was sent to it anyway; no response was received at time of writing.

Among the comments posted in response on Reddit were:

“If you’re outraged at tricolours being burned, you should be annoyed at this too” (CaptainSpice);

“Is anyone here saying this is ok? Live around the corner and I don’t want to see this s***e, it’s just ignorant sectarianism” (Blackrose5887);

“I must say I’m very disappointed that we would criticize loyalist for this and here people are stooping down to their level” (unknown_wizard2183); and...

“I don’t know one of the flags is imperialist and one isn’t. One represents occupation and tyranny, facilitating at least two famines on this island and India and then the other represents those two communities coming together. As troubling as it is to see this kind of thing if the Brits went home it’d probably stop xo” (Head_Fig7448)

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